The time I Accidentallyed Addictive Jizz to a random guy. A rendered erotic comic.

Betty's Big Rebound - An inappropriate office tale A rendered comic. Nerdy but sexually frustrated Betty, after discovering her now-ex boyfriend was gay, disguises herself to become the office fuckretary.

Captain Terdy's First Week: Fully Illustrated Edition

Humorous erotic science fiction. This edition has all the pictures regular retail outlets won't allow.

Read online or download the epub for ebook readers free.

Literotica version here.
Captain Terdy's First Week: Partially illustrated edition

This edition, available at ebook stores, has no images of nudity or sex acts.
Arousing Genes
Virginia and Bill have an Adventure
Seductive Robots
Virginia and Bunny’s Doll Adventure
Passionate Lairs
Virginia and Bunny’s Basement Adventure
Shameless Penetration
Virginia and Bunny’s Fourth Adventure
Virginia’s Adventures Omnibus Edition
Virginia’s First Four Adventures


  1. When is your new fantasy story set to be released?

    LOTS of fun!


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